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Black Tea

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Carry a productive posture to your morning with our Black Tea.


Fragrant and flower, lavender is the ideal supplement to the citrus bergamot oil and full-bodied dark tea. This tea is balanced and would match flawlessly with your preferred baked good or roll.


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Tasting Notes of Black Tea

Our exclusive Black Tea is harvested organically straight from our Hand picked Tea Gardens in India. Of the very selected seasons, which consists of four of our expertly curated and skillfully blended healthy & pure blends of high quality herbs & spices. Unlock the power of your super delicate quench for ‘Black Tea Quest' serving a hearty purpose of healing and nourishing your soul!

Super Nutrition for Mind & Body

For Black Tea

  • Best enjoyed on its own or with a bowl of fresh fruit.
  • The Appearance will be Light Silvery
  • This outstanding tea is a crafted with blend of best clonals giving out complex flavors to keep you engaged
  • Abundants antioxidants, strengthens immunity.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol.
  • Improves focus & memory.

Enjoy the Experience worth for You

For Black Tea

  • This tea is a great way to enjoy and explore the prized Darjeeling whites and get a little ahead in your tea journey.
  • Tastes incredibly crisp and bright.
  • Soft floral notes, resembling white flowers comes through right at the end and adds a silky feel on the palate.
  • Abundants antioxidants, strengthens immunity.
  • Sweet, marked by notes of tropical fruit, toasted nuts, hints of young wood and spice.
  • Mix of long, well rolled, dark olive green leaves with ample pale green buds with pubescence and olive green leaves..

Brewing Instructions

Put 2.5 gm Tea leaves in an empty cup

Pour 200 ml water at 78-80 ºC

Let it steep for 2-3 minutes

Strain and serve

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every batch of tea we have a tendency to be best in offer as informed on our on-line tea store beside its invoice variety, date of plucking, specialty and tea grade.

The simplest black tea is created from young buds that are plucked early in an exceedingly harvest season, at Associate in Nursing elevation of 5000 linear unit and better. Here, the air is cold and therefore the flavors have ample chance to mature and intensify. The tea buds ar plucked and arranged get in the open wherever they’re withered for an extended time before being dried and packed. The gorgeous black tea is that the best example of the best black tea.

  • We believe tea is endlessly participating, brings folks along, provides a way of peace and well-being, and grants of an instant to yourself once you most would like it.
  • Great tea touches upon art, defines a way of culture, marks a ritual, and offers a way of connoisseur-ship. however a really outstanding cup of tea is one which reinforces the everyday.
  • It’s got plenty to try and do with freshness. and also the reason why freshness matters is as a result of tea is associate degree agricultural product. So, underclassman tea tastes higher and is healthier.
  • Every batch of tea we have a tendency to procure is place informed our on-line tea store beside its invoice variety, date of plucking, specialty and tea grade. And so, whenever you sip one in every of our expert-curated teas, you’re within the company of the foremost authentic tea expertise there’s.

Our Black Tea joins top-quality dark teas from chief tea gardens. The outcome is an extremely particular, rich tea. It takes milk and sugar quite well. This animating tea is the ideal morning wake-up drink.

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